We believe in sharing
the hope we find in God

We are a community of faith led by the Holy Spirit to worship and witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in sharing the hope we find in God’s all embracing love with our neighbor, our community, and our world.

We seek to provide opportunities for all members to grow toward Christian maturity.

Through worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and service we seek God’s guidance in deepening our scriptural understanding and strengthening our commitment to a Christian lifestyle.

We welcome all who would join us that we might grow in Christ together.

You are always welcome to worship with us. We would be pleased for you to consider New Christian Harvest as your church home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a church that is fresh and new in order to get more young people to Christ and keep them in the church. While it is important to have older Christians in the church, we feel it is especially important to get young men and women into the church, to help them to grow in the Lord and to become stronger Christian men and women and responsible members of society.

Our goal would be to give all more confidence in themselves, more motivation, more drive and more self-control so that when they are faced with the problems of the world they can hold their heads up and face that challenge head on and know that they will make it thru because they have God on their side, and we can do all things through Christ who strengths us. We believe that unity is the key. Remember there is strength in numbers.

What We Believe

I’m New Here

Welcome to NCHC. We are a bible-based church that welcomes all God’s children. It does not matter where you are from or what you have done, we have a welcoming place here to help you on your spiritual journey. Let’s take that walk together. Learn More about NCHC.

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Our Sermons

Hear the latest God inspired word for God’s people. Each week witness a dynamic experience helping you to develop a relationship with God. Check our latest message and take the next step in your walk with Jesus.

Our Sermons


NCHC is a family. We laugh, love, cry, praise, and worship together. Every church has its uniqueness, but NCHC was founded on being a family. As our founding Pastor believed, we will forever hold true…All of God’s children are welcomed here.

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